Our People

Sally Braddy- Director

Qualification: Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Philosophy: High quality early education provides the foundation for life long learning and success.

Kirrilyn Wheeler

Qualification:  Children’s Service’s Certificate 3, 

Philosophy:  I give priority to nurturing relationships and will provide children with consistent emotional support which will assist children to interact positively with others.

Eva Antich

Qualifications: Bachelor Of Education (Early Childhood Education)


Isabella Vittino

Qualification: Diploma Children’s Services


Emily Sherwood

Qualification: Diploma Children’s Services

Philosophy: The early years are some of the most influential years of a child’s life. I believe it is vital that we early childhood educators build trusting and respectful relationships with the children in our care to enable them to become confident learners, prepared for the future.

Mary Absolom

Qualification: Certificate 3 Children’s Services, 

Philosophy: I believe that when educators work effectively together as a team they provide a safe, secure and enriching environment for all children.

Jordan Gillum

Qualification: Diploma Children’s Services

Philosophy: I believe that all children have the right to a safe and secure environment, where they have the freedom to explore and learn at their own pace with  support and guidance.

I believe that childhood is a time for love, and a time where they begin to trust and get a sense of being and belonging to the world.

Annnabel Shellabear – Part Time Tuesday to Friday

Qualification: Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education), 

Philosophy: I believe that my role in children’s education is to foster a love of learning. Quality experiences in early childhood promote positive outcomes in childhood and adulthood.

I will create a place of learning that will provide the opportunity to play, learn, make choices, investigate, succeed and celebrate.

Sarah Taylor – Part-Time Educator

Qualification: NNEB – UK equivalent to Diploma of Children’s Services

Philosophy: It is my belief that educators are co-learners with the children, parents and the community. Each person is a learner, each person is a teacher and each person is a valued individual.

Trudy Wilson – Catering

Qualification: Certificate 3 in Child Care and Certificate 2 hospitality

Philosophy: My aim is to encourage healthy eating habits by introducing new varieties of nutritious foods in a fun and exciting way! This allows the children to develop a palatte that will continuously abide to the Australian guide of healthy eating. A balanced diet is essential for your children’s health and wellbeing.

National Quality Standard Assessment and Rating

National Quality Standard

The National Quality Standard sets a new national benchmark for the quality of education and care services. The National Quality Standard is divided into seven Quality Areas:

  • Educational program and practice. 

  • Children’s health and safety. 

  • Physical environment.

  • Staffing arrangements.

  • Relationships with children.

  • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities. 

  • Leadership and service management.

The National Quality Standard aims to promote:

  • The safety, health and wellbeing of children.

  • A focus on achieving outcomes for children through high-quality educational programs.

  • Families’ understanding of what distinguishes a quality service.

National Quality Framework 

The National Quality Framework was established in 2012 by the Federal Government to raise quality and drive continuous improvement and consistency in Australian education and care services.  

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