Health and Safety


The health and Safety of children and our educators is a top priority. Our educators all have current First Aid Certificates and we have a number of policies and procedures to ensure the safety of both children and staff.  


Our holistic methods and strategies support and manage:

  • children’s health

  • children with ongoing health problems, such as asthma, diabetes, anaphylaxis and allergies 

  • illness 


Controlling the spread of infectious illnesses through good hygiene is an important practice that our educators practice follow and model to children.  Children are supported in understanding techniques such as correct hand washing and learning to perform them independently. 

Sun Safety 

We practice Sun Smart recommendations made by the Cancer Council Western Australia.  These include planning daily routines to coincide with when children should not be in the sun, and ensuring children are protected when in the sun with appropriate clothing, sunscreen, hat and hydration.  

Dental Care

The centre promotes dental care by:

  • Encouraging healthy eating habits. 

  • Offering water after lunch and to quench thirst.

  • Incorporating information on dental health practices in the centre program for staff, children and parents

Rest Period

When a child is attending the centre for a full day a rest period is appropriate.  Children’s special comfort items are encouraged. Parents and educators need to discuss each child’s requirements. Alternative activities are offered to children who do not fall asleep. The 1 – 2 year olds may sleep as required. Over 2’s will be offered an early afternoon rest. Sleep patterns are communicated via the daily chart . 


Cottesloe Child Care Centre encourages the immunisation of all children and staff attending the centre.

We obtain each child’s immunisation record at enrolment. Children who are not immunised, or whose enrolment immunisation record is incomplete, are excluded from the centre if there is an outbreak of a disease that is preventable through vaccination. 

Our immunisation policy exists to protect children who may have been exposed to infectious diseases because of close contact with the other children in the centre.  We also ask that parents keep us informed as immunisations occur.

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