Care Groups

Most new enrolments at Cottesloe Child Care Centre occur at the end of the year, with children starting at the centre in January. As the year progresses, children and babies may move from their care room to the next, however it is usual for children to remain in their care group for the year.

Infants Room

4 babies, aged 1 – 2 years, with one educator: early childhood teacher.

This delightful room offers opportunities for babies to develop close relationships with their educator and peers in a calm, nurturing environment. In this room there is a focus on learning and a sense of belonging so babies feel safe, secure and supported.


10 children, aged 2 – 3 years, with two educators.

This welcoming room adjoins the baby room and the two rooms share the same garden. Learning is supported by vibrant and flexible spaces that are responsive to the interests and abilities of each child.

Kindy Room

20 children, aged 2½ – 6 years, with three educators.

This stimulating and spacious room offers a multi-age setting, which is very beneficial for your child’s development, encouraging role-modelling and allowing peer support.

The educator team, headed by an early childhood teacher, provide an environment where children play together, learn together and share decisions. Educators enter children’s play to stimulate their thinking and enrich their learning.

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